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About us

Over 30 Years of Providing the Finest Trees

Peerless Farm has provided superior trees and remarkable service to our customers for over 30 years growing custom specimen “Texas Tuff Trees.” With a varied climate and diverse soils in Texas, you need trees grown especially for your particular enviroment to ensure the success of your project. Peerless Farm selects each parent tree on all our Texas and Mexico natives species to ensure the purest and best genetic strain for performance. We strongly believe this makes our trees “Texas Tuff,” providing our customers with the hardiest, best quality and longest lasting trees available. We offer a wide selection of wholesale trees and shrubs to fit just about every demand. Peerless Farm will continue to add more product lines to our production and search out the best cultivars for you. Our catalog provides all the varieties we are currently growing and we are always available to help with any specific future needs. Just contact us at (830) 663-3651 and a specialist will take care of you right away.

Texas Tuff Trees

Born in Texas and raised in Texas to provide our customers with the hardiest, best quality and longest lasting results. The Best Quality Trees...

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Plant Availability

Peerless Farm offers a large variety of wholesale trees to meet your needs. Our current availability includes: palm trees, pecan trees, cedar...

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Wooden Boxes

Why Peerless Grows in Wooden Boxes? Peerless Farm has grown trees in wooden boxes made from recycled wood for over 25 years. We build our wooden...

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