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Plant Heroes

Greg Grant

Greg Grant is a horticulturist, conservationist, garden writer, and seventh generation Texan from Arcadia, Texas. He is co-author of the newly released Heirloom Gardening in the South-Yesterday’s Plants for Today’s Gardens.

Benny J Simpson

Benny J. Simpson, co-founder and former president of the Texas Native Plant Society and life-long Horticulturist, pursued his more than 40-year career at the Texas A&M Research and Extension Center in Dallas.

Dr. W. Clyde Ikins

Dr. W. Clyde Ikins is a man of many talents and far-reaching vision, who not only dreams dreams, but who can make dreams come true with his perseverance, imagination, patience and undying love for all things bright and beautiful.

Eddie Fanick

Mr. Fanick, now on the younger side of 92, is one of the few living heroes on the Texas horticulture scene. Founder of the legendary Fanick’s Garden Center in San Antonio, he shares the common bond of a true love of plants.

Jerry Parsons

Jerry Parsons, Ph.D., is the horticulture specialist with the Texas Cooperative Extension in San Antonio. He has been a popular Extension Service personality for more than two decades, becoming something of a cult figure in the the agricultural world of South Texas.

Lynn R. Lowrey

Houston horticulture in recent years has been greatly influenced by a quiet, unassuming man, a Southern gentleman, who truly became a legend in his own time. Lynn Lowrey was a horticulturist by training, a collector by nature. He collected plants and he collected people.

Ying Doon Moy

Born August 28, 1929, Ying Doon Moy grew up in a village near Hong Kong. He was inspired to pursue a career in horticulture at age 11. “There was a beautiful flower market in Kowloon and I loved to go there,” he said.

Dr. Barton H. Warnock

A prolific collector, Warnock discovered many undescribed plant species, more than a dozen of which were named after him. He taught generations of West Texans, many of whom now manage land there.