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Wooden Boxes

Wooden Boxes
Why Peerless Grows in Wooden Boxes?

Peerless Farm has grown trees in wooden boxes made from recycled wood for over 25 years. We build our wooden tree boxes with waste wood that comes from fence lumber and other products that were headed for the landfill. Peerless Farm recycles the waste lumber from different suppliers after scheduled tree deliveries to save fuel and reduce carbon emissions. Our Texas Tuff Trees benefit from growing in these wooden boxes for many reasons.

Temperature control = Better Trees

In a wooden box, the temperature of the root zone can be nearly 40F cooler in the ideummer than a tree grown in a black plastic container. In fact, a black plastic container can reach temperatures near 130F, which can lead to poor growth, stunted root development and cause long-term damage.

Superb Soil Mix + Wooden Boxes = Texas Tuff Trees

The soil mix Peerless Farm prepares and uses in the wooden boxes keeps the root zone at an optimal temperature range of 70-80F. The wooden box keeps the trees warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Wooden Boxes reduce stress on trees when handling, planting and transporting

When handling, trees grown in boxes are easier to handle because of shape compared to a round plastic container. Wooden boxes can be braced to protect the trunk as well as less movement in the root zone. Plastic containers have to be removed from the root ball before planting as the box does not. When planting the tree, the whole box can be placed in the hole then the sides can be removed very easily. The bottom of the box can be removed before the tree is placed in the hole or it can be planted under the tree after the sides have been removed and back filled. The bottom of the box will decade in a short amount of time. Planting a box tree reduces the chance of damaging the root ball and trunk because the tree is lifted by the box and not the trunk. When transporting a tree, a chain or lifting strap can be placed around the box then around a set of lifting forks or front in loader bucket to lift the tree into the planting hole.